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The system of treating human illness at unlimited distance.

RM is a combination of technology for making digital electronic medicines and a medical system. PWHP is one of the systems in RM. Customers just need to download it to their mobile phone or computer and they will become a kind of device for treating influenza and COVID-19. During treatment, there is no need to wear devices and no distance limit.


Every medicine provided by Baichao’s flagship products MTSV, LSF, and RM system are all digital electronic medicine. The patients download the digital electronic drugs directly and then use themselves mobile phone or computer to perform the treatment work. The patients do not need to go to the hospital or pharmacy, just stay at home.
The technology of Tele-transmission of digital drugs that the Baichao research team successfully developed in 2012.
The technology also can be used on patients who are infected and need to be quarantined. Medical staffs just choose correct digital drugs using cell phones or computers to perform Tele-resonance treatment tasks.
As for some patients with mild symptoms or asymptomatic under home isolation, they can also use digital electronic medicine to avoid suddenly becoming a serious illness.

1) No risk of infection.
2) Eco-friendly. No air pollution from drug development.
3) No packaging or transporting necessary.
4) No limit in distance.
5) Easy to download and able to use immediately. 

How to use PWHP ?

Any web browser can be used.


Sign up for Free

1.  Login
2. Create Account
3. Fill in the information
4. Register



1.  Login
2. Fill in the account password
3. Login
4. You can use the purchased JBP


Keyword Search

1. Enter keywords
2. Search
3. Related products will be listed below




1. Choose PWHP
2. Check to accept the contract, and Checkout
3. Check My JBP, you already have PWHP



1. My JBP - Choose PWHP
2. Select the sound
3. My iPhone - Choose sound file
4. Set time
6. Turn down the volume


How to record

Voice Memos
for ios 11. 12. 13.

1. Record
2. Read 12345
3. Share sound files
4. Share...
5. Save to Files
6. Select folder and Add


How to record

for Android 6. 7. 8. 9.

1. Click to start recording
2. Read 12345, and click to end recording
3. Set time


Language setting

1. Earth
2. Choose a language
- Français 
- 正體中文
- 简体中文
- 日本
- 한국어


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User learning


HU - Blogger




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BAICHAO - youtube


We welcome users to join the student discussion group

Users must use their own photos and names when joining our group, and we hope that members of each group will be responsible for their own questions. This group is for the participants who have already attended the class. All the students have logged in their real names and photos. We do not open a group for users, because all the program teaching and related operations have been published in the company's official YOUTUBE channel, inventor Youning Hu’s YOUTUBE channel and blog articles. However, some users are enthusiastic about learning, so we made an exception to the users to join the group, providing users learn the knowledge of MTS/LSF/RM. Therefore, all members who wish to join us must comply with the group rules.
Even if you are not our students you can join our students’ group.
You must have purchased our company's MTS [V] or LSF, Relax Manager products, and agree to abide by the group rules: 
1. This group is for students who have already taken the course as a study discussion.
2. Other users who have not attended the course are advised to register for class first.
3. Please view the Youtube channel video first, and Teacher Hu’s blog posts.
4. Carefully study the "The Valuable dictionary of medicine" and "The Valuable dictionary of meridians ".
5. Avoid asking questions from the comment section of the videos and articles.
6. Please ask questions carefully and respond on time in the group platform.
7. Students are welcome to use this group to discuss each person’s experience.
8. To join this group you must use your real name and photo.
9. This group is limited to molecular transcription resonance related content, other information is strictly forbidden.
10. Please be sure to follow the rules of this group.

If you have already purchased our company's products and would like to join the participants to discuss and learn
Please contact LINE ID : humts
Provide your purchaser name
And state: I am willing to join the "Molecular Transcription Resonance group" to learn.

Relax Manager web
Contract Terms

1. Please note! This application software has built-in carrier information developed exclusively by BAICHAO GREENERGY TECH.CO., and cannot be returned after purchase! Once the order is established, it cannot be canceled. Please confirm your purchase carefully.
2. Please confirm the item that you are going to buy. You are not allowed to return or change the item once you place the order
3. The Relax Manager web version of the "Jianbao Pack" project, because of the personal health care privacy, Baichao company cannot retain any information about the customer. Therefore, if the user wishes to changes the browser or device or loses the original device, all the information cannot be transferred. The "Jianbao Pack" project you purchased can only be used on the browser of the original purchase device. For example, you order it on the chrome browser of the A device, and the "Jianbao Pack" project purchased is used. The number of days only can be used on the A device's Chrome browser, and the product cannot be replaced.
4. The “Jianbao Pack” project will begin immediately after purchase. Please purchase it in moderation.
5. Customers who place orders on Google Play or APPLE stores are required to follow the rules on the purchase platform.
6. We only provide electronic invoices.
7. We are entitled to amend the contract terms.
8. Purchase of Relax Manager indicates that you agree to the terms of this contract.

Contract annex(1)

1. Relax Manager version can be used to help improve various diseases and pains.
2. If this is the first time in your life to use Relax Manager Edition, first of all, test for two hours. If you can adapt, you can continue to use it for eight hours or ten hours.
3. You can adjust the appropriate time according to the degree of various symptoms. Our recommendations are:
* 4 hours each time, three to four times a day, or 8 hours each morning and evening.
* During an acute attack, it is recommended that you extend the time of use.
* If you continue to use it for 12 hours, you need to rest for 1 hour after and then continue to use it.
* Please continue to use until the symptoms are relieved.
* Because of differences in individual living habits and other factors, each person's recovery speed is different. When the symptoms are relieved, it is recommended to continue using it for one or two days.
4. When the Relax Manager version is being executed, please do not watch videos on the same device at the same time or play online games. This will seriously affect the health of the body.
5. If you find yourself getting tired or thirsty, you can drink water, rest, or shorten the time.
6. If the symptoms have not improved, try the relevant meridian points or consult an experienced person.
7. When the affected area is getting better, please do not try to test the function of the affected area; this will cause secondary inflammation. Please let the affected area rest and it will recover more quickly.
8. There are some exceptions, maybe on the day of operation your symptoms have not changed, but the next day the symptoms have improved.
9. After the symptoms have improved, if there is a regression on the following day, please continue the procedure, in order to get better.
10. If the patient wants to treat eye problems, don’t watch the computer or cellphone screens while the procedure is working.
11. If you cannot determine the symptoms and are in an acute attack, please go to the hospital.
12. Software has its limitations and is constantly being improved and updated.
◎It is hoped that Relax Manager can help you have a healthy body. On the other hand, please have the right health care concept; you are advised to seek the right health care. We suggest that you eat properly, correct your postures, maintain a balance between work and rest, and consult a doctor if you are ill. Only in that way can we have a win-win situation.

Contract annex(2)
Coupon code uses relevant specifications

1. The coupon code is only applicable to purchase and discount of the "Jianbao Pack" version of the Relax Manager web version.
2. The 1 dollar discount code can be discounted to 1 dollar in cash, which is used to offset the order amount of the "Jianbao Pack" project purchased by Baichao Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd., which is less than or equal to the order amount.

How to get the coupon code
1.You can participate in the marketing activities of Baichao Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd., to get the discount code, and each activity will provide different discount codes.

Use the coupon code
1. The use period of the coupon code has time limited. Please refer to the specifications of the coupon code rules.
2. Each coupon code includes the coupon number, scope of use, and valid period. Please use it before the expiration of the valid period. After the expiration period, the coupon will be invalid.
3. Each order is limited to use a set of discount codes. Please enter the discount code according to the shopping cart display.
4. The coupon code cannot be offset to some products. Please refer to the product description page.
5. The coupon code cannot be transferred, redeemed for cash, or redeemed for event gifts.
6. The coupon code will expire immediately after use. If you cancel the order or return the products after use, only the amount you actually paid will be refunded.
7. If you obtain the coupon code by improper or illegal means, the coupon code will be canceled. Baichao will retain the right of legal prosecution if it is involved in legal liability.

Privacy Policy

Baichao puts a great importance on the privacy of its members and conforms to the regulation of Personal Data Protection Act. It, therefore, formulates its privacy policy. The following information on its privacy policy is provided for your reference.  

The Safety of Personal Data
We pay much attention to protecting the privacy of members. Without members’ consent, we will never provide their personal data to any third party who has nothing to do with the services of this shopping website. The members are expected to keep their own passwords for the website and their personal data confidential and refrain from providing them to others. After using the functions provided by the Baichao website, the members are advised to cancel the account, log out and close the browser window if you share a computer with others or use a public computer. 
The Collection, Handling and Use of Personal Data
Data obtained from the websites associated with Baichao will be only used within Baichao for the above-mentioned purposes. Baichao will not provide the data to a third party or use the data for other purposes unless explained beforehand or according to laws.
 •The Purpose of Data Collection:
The data are collected for the survey, statistics, and research on marketing, business, consumers, customer management and service, online shopping, and other e-business services (The numbers of the items with statutory purposes are 040, 090, 148, and 157.) The data are collected during the initiation into Baichao or the transaction of the members.
 •The Type of information collected:
The data collected and can be found within the website includes:
(1) Personally identifiable information, such as a member’s name, address, phone number, email address, etc.
(2) Financial information, such as credit card or a financial institution account
(3) Individual description, such as gender, date of birth, etc. 
• Time, Region, Subject and Way of Use:
(1) Time: the data will not be used when members ask to cease the use of service or when Baichao stops providing services.
(2) Region: the data will be used in places where the members are. 
(3) Subject and Way of Use: the data are used for the functions of retrieval and search for members and customer management, identification, money service, marketing and so on. For instance::

a. The web page shows members’ information automatically if they use the services provided by Baichao with their ID.

b. Data used for transactions: the data are used when members make an appointment, make a purchase or participate in activities, or when we reply to customers’ questions, our questions about the members, after-sales services, and other necessary businesses during the transactions.
c. Data used to advertise for marketing: the data are used when we provide e-magazines for members, such as email addresses and phone numbers. What members browse will be used to analyze the services members use to develop new services or to improve the existing services according to members’ personal attributes, purchase records, and browsing history. We may contact the members to know their viewpoints on the survey, activities, message boards, and so on.

d. Data used for replying to customers’ questions: We will reply to the questions asked by our members via e-mail, mail, fax, phone, or other ways of direct and indirect contacts. 

e. Data used for other purposes: the data will be used to serve for Baichao when it is necessary for Baichao to fulfill the purposes from a to d.

f. The data provided to given service providers: Baichao will provide members’ information to service providers within the transaction when members make an appointment, make a bid, make a purchase, participate in the activities or apply for other trades for the goods or services offered by service providers. The service providers will be responsible for the management of members’ information. Under this circumstance, Baichao will ask the providers to keep the information confidential but cannot guarantee that the providers will oblige. For more information, please consult the service providers.

g. Data used for other purposes: the data might also be used beyond the above-mentioned purposes when Baichao provides given services. The given services will be expounded on a related web page when it happens.

• The Rights of Members In Terms of Their Data :
Members whose data was collected by the company will have the following rights in accordance with the Personal Information Data Act.:
(1) Search or ask to read the data
(2) Ask for a copy of the data
(3) Ask for supplementing or correcting the data
(4) Request to stop collecting, handling, or using the data
(5) Request to delete the data
If members want to exercise the aforesaid rights, please contact the customer service agents and apply for them. 
•Notice! Failure to provide all necessary data needed to become a member will result in limitations of rights or no rights will be given to members. 
Data Security
To guarantee the privacy of members, their accounts will be protected by passwords. Baichao will ensure personal data security with proper technologies and procedures.
Way to Search for or Correct Personal Information
Members can contact the customer service when they want to retrieve, read, copy, supplement, correct, stop the processing or use, or delete their personal information. Baichao will deal with it quickly.


Please leave your contact information correctly


1.Please read the "Operating Instructions" before purchasing.
2.A special anti-counterfeit code has been installed in our Software. We are obliged to inform users that any unauthorized decoding or duplicating will induce serious consequences.
3.This software is a customer to set the carrier according to their own needs, the use of the correct role.
4.Please be aware that Molecular Target Software ("MTS/LSF/Relax Manager" ) is a type of application software of molecular transcription resonance system. All the information contained in "The Valuable Dictionary of Medicine" of MTS software is provided in accordance with doctors' general experiences and should be served as suggestions for the purpose of user reference rather than any professional prescriptions or clinical diagnosis for personal illness or syndrome of users. If you have any further questions, please seek professional assistance and advice from your doctors. If you could not find any medical advices or satisfying answers to the particular physical problems from MTS software, we strongly suggest you call your doctors or get to a hospital immediately to get timely treatment.
5.For best results, clean and renew the built-in carrier for medicinal herbs once every 30 days. Make sure to check the internet first to obtain the latest information on the herbal carrier. 


References by users are a result of their personal experiences. Effectiveness will vary depending on personal physique and health care .


LINE ID : humts

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