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If gravity waves are the heartbeat of the universe, the light sound flow is the pulse of the universe.
- by Yu-Ning Hu

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Inventor:Tsui-P’ing Hu

Space-time Grid Theory and Molecular Transcription Resonance Theory

Even if particles travel at the speed of light, they possess the attribute of quality and can produce interactive forces as long as they can be transformed into a portable state of being able to be carried, and the telecommunications networks should be constructed by using charged particles in the space and time to deliver messages.
--by Yu-Ning Hu 


Hu Cui Ping pseudonym Hu You Ning
Invented [Molecular Transcription Resonance] won

First World Chinese Excellence Inventor Award
The 4th National Innovation and Technology Award
3rd World Chinese Nobel Prize

2013 Poland Warsaw International Invention Competition Medical Group Silver Award
2013 South Korea World Inventor Contest -
Green Invention Medal of Honor
Hygiene Disinfection Medal of Honor
New Technology Medal of Honor
Mediation Medal for Rehabilitation
General Award: Sejong King Inventor Award

2014 The 17th Russian Moscow Archimedes International Invention Show & Invention Competition - Medical Group Silver Award
2014 Tokyo Innovation Genius Development Exhibition Medical Group Silver Award
2014 Hong Kong Design and Innovation and Technology Expo and the International Invention Exhibition Medical and Health Care Enterprise Group "Gold Award"

2015 National Invention Medal Award
2015 International Invention Jazz Medal
2015 The 18th Russian Moscow Archimedes International Invention Exhibition Medical Group "Gold Award"
2015 Geneva Invention Exhibition Network Communications "Silver Award"
2015 Pittsburgh International Invention Exhibition Science Group Meeting "Gold Award"
2015 Tenth cross-strait workers innovation achievement exhibition "gold medal"
2015 Middle East Kuwait International Invention Exhibition Computer Network Software "Special Award"
2015 Middle East Kuwait International Invention Exhibition Computer Network Software "Silver Award"

2016 TOI World Inventor Awards
2016 World Invention Innovation and Technology Contribution Award
2016 excellent manufacturers Gold Award
2016 National Quality Gold Award
2016 Wisdom Advanced Technology Product Award

2017 International Distinguished Inventor Academic Contribution Award

2018 Middle East Kuwait International Invention Exhibition Pharmaceuticals "Gold Award"
2018 Middle East Kuwait International Invention Exhibition Computer Technology "Gold Award"
2018 Association of European Inventors "Special Award"
2018 MTSV/LSF Wins Gold Award in Medical Class at the 46th Geneva International Invention Exhibition
2018 RM Wins Silver Prize in Medical Class at the 46th Geneva International Invention Exhibition
2018 MTSV / LSF remporte le prix d'or de la section médicale de la 46ème exposition internationale d'invention de Genève
2018 RM remporte un prix d'argent en classe médicale à la 46e édition de l'exposition internationale d'invention de Genève 


The first smart software series that can cure diseases in this world

The era of medical treatment with artificially intelligence software is coming.


Patients were physically connected to machines when treating pains and aches in the limbs. Now, as long as the patients’ voices are imported to a computer, the software will automatically spot the location where patients feel pains and aches on the screen and the symptoms will be lessened in a short time. The patients need not stay near the computer. Instead, they are free to move around and engage in activities such as shopping, working, and housecleaning.

The molecular transcription resonance system can effectively lessen the symptoms such as pains and aches, sports injuries, computer vision syndrome, postoperative complications, vision problems, and chronic ailments. If governments and corporations are willing to participate in research and development of cloud-based medical systems, then companies would benefit from it, the government could reduce healthcare costs, and people can reduce the costs of medication, injections, and rehabilitation, and they would be freed from the trouble of traveling to and from hospitals. It is the green healthcare industry, which contributes little to the pollution. The government can allocate the saved money for patients who need advanced medical technologies. In this way, all patients, rich or poor, will have access to healthcare.

The molecular carriers used in the target software include meridian-collateral diagrams, human anatomy diagrams, photos of Chinese medicinal herbs (single or compound prescription), Western medicine photos, quality photos of plants and animals, photos of patients, X-ray images, and CT scans. The carriers can be used separately or together. This system can also be used to treat animals. It is easy to operate and users can master it with little effort.

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不可思議 - 分子共振健康法


MTS Molecular Target Software
Built-in MTS welcomes cell phone manufacturers around the world to develop “Global E-medical Network” together.

You can cure your body easily just with voice ,photos,computer or cellphone.
The Global Initiative for treating disease using smart phone - with MTS system.
We welcome smart phone related companies cooperate together,
building "Globle disease treatment net".

We develop commodities based on green energy technologies because we aim to protect the environment, conserve the ecosystem, save energies, reduce wastage of the natural resources, promote human well-being, and create a “cloud-based medical system.” Tsui-P’ing Hu, who is in charge of the company, has developed the molecular target software and the mobile application (app) of the software after proposing the space-time grid theory. The software includes databases of “Meridian-Collateral Diagram” and “The Valuable Dictionary of Medicine.” The app is a user-friendly molecular transcription resonance tool. MTS, a non-intrusive product, has won several gold medals in invention at home and abroad, and it has already been patented in Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

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Baichao Greenergy Tech. Co., Ltd. creates a future with you

Our company has product narrator teaching, MTS/LSF software based on the use of courses, MTS/LSF software advanced use of courses for users around the country need to provide product use consulting or fees courses, and train local teaching talent. In the global market, the Company, as always, attach importance to the relationship with the user, the pursuit of a new type of wisdom is the company's constant faith. 

Looking for agents interested in selling "MTS Molecular Target Software", "MTS Molecular Target Software" Mobile APP 

The company set up in Taiwan soon, has always been an exclusive direct sales. Is to expand the global sales channels, seeking to sell "MTS molecular target software", "MTS molecular target software" mobile phone APP agents. Product price of 11,000 yuan NT / 365days.

The basic condition of regional agent

1, must have an independent legal personality and engaged in business activities of all evidence. Procedures in line with national laws and regulations.

2, agree with the flow of business ideas, with the common market operation.

3, there is a certain size of the sales channels and market network.

4, has a good business reputation and professional ethics.

5, with the MTS professional knowledge, with professional extension staff.

6, according to the specific circumstances, can not be agents, to dealers.

7, held on a regular basis Hu Cuiping inventor marketing seminars to improve business standards.

8, strict management system, the protection of inventor patents, to ensure that the interests of both partners.

9, refused to pass, direct sales.

We welcome interested manufacturers to conduct business with us

Baichao Greenergy Tech. Co., Ltd. 

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Please leave your contact information correctly


1.Please read the "Operating Instructions" before purchasing.
2.A special anti-counterfeit code has been installed in our Software. We are obliged to inform users that any unauthorized decoding or duplicating will induce serious consequences.
3.This software is a customer to set the carrier according to their own needs, the use of the correct role.
4.Please be aware that Molecular Target Software ("MTS/LSF/Relax Manager" ) is a type of application software of molecular transcription resonance system. All the information contained in "The Valuable Dictionary of Medicine" of MTS software is provided in accordance with doctors' general experiences and should be served as suggestions for the purpose of user reference rather than any professional prescriptions or clinical diagnosis for personal illness or syndrome of users. If you have any further questions, please seek professional assistance and advice from your doctors. If you could not find any medical advices or satisfying answers to the particular physical problems from MTS software, we strongly suggest you call your doctors or get to a hospital immediately to get timely treatment.
5.For best results, clean and renew the built-in carrier for medicinal herbs once every 30 days. Make sure to check the internet first to obtain the latest information on the herbal carrier. 


References by users are a result of their personal experiences. Effectiveness will vary depending on personal physique and health care .


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