What is The Valuable Dictionary of Medicines?

The Valuable Dictionary of Medicines is Baichao Greenergy Tech Co., LTD with cooperation of physicians who have combined clinical experience. The Valuable Dictionary of Medicines’ format is categorized according to the human body, in the following order: the head, five facial senses, chest, abdomen and the lower limbs.

For example:
1. Headache → There are many causes of headaches, such as colds, nose allergies, heat stroke, brain tumors, glaucoma, etc. and The Valuable Dictionary of Medicines will combine them together as much as possible. Therefore, when we have symptoms of a headache, first consult and identify the possible causes of the headache, and then select the relevant prescription according to the recommendations of The Valuable Dictionary of Medicines.
If you have a headache because of a cold, use the Toutongfang, and if you have a headache because of glaucoma, use the Jiangyanyafang.

2. Abdominal distension → There are many causes of abdominal distension which may include constipation, diarrhea, indigestion, stomach ulcers, enteritis, hepatitis, etc.
If you have abdominal distension because of indigestion, you can use the Fuzhangfang No.1, if you have an enteritis abdominal distension, you can use the Futongfang. 


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1.Please read the "Operating Instructions" before purchasing.
2.A special anti-counterfeit code has been installed in our Software. We are obliged to inform users that any unauthorized decoding or duplicating will induce serious consequences.
3.This software is a customer to set the carrier according to their own needs, the use of the correct role.
4.Please be aware that Molecular Target Software ("MTS/LSF/Relax Manager" ) is a type of application software of molecular transcription resonance system. All the information contained in "The Valuable Dictionary of Medicine" of MTS software is provided in accordance with doctors' general experiences and should be served as suggestions for the purpose of user reference rather than any professional prescriptions or clinical diagnosis for personal illness or syndrome of users. If you have any further questions, please seek professional assistance and advice from your doctors. If you could not find any medical advices or satisfying answers to the particular physical problems from MTS software, we strongly suggest you call your doctors or get to a hospital immediately to get timely treatment.
5.For best results, clean and renew the built-in carrier for medicinal herbs once every 30 days. Make sure to check the internet first to obtain the latest information on the herbal carrier. 


References by users are a result of their personal experiences. Effectiveness will vary depending on personal physique and health care .


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